TK Vineyard

The TK Vineyard, owned by Troy Doherty & Karen Mcleod, is in the Bridge Pā subregion of the Heretaunga plains.

The vineyard is managed by the brilliant Bridget Wilton (pictured) and her partner Miles, who are incredibly passionate about growing some of the best fruit in the region and supply several different producers.

Bridget has been growing grapes for over 20 years in Hawke's Bay and has been a fantastic viticultural mentor, often walking the blocks with me during the season.

The Bridge Pa "Red Metals" are old alluvial based soils formed from the Ngaruroro river. There is a high iron content in the soil which has oxidised to a reddish colour.

The Cabernet Franc from this site is in the third year conversion to organic viticulture. I have 10 rows allocated of beautiful 23 year old vines, to which I apply Biodynamic preparations during the growing season.